Consultant Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist  

Medico-Legal Services

I am able to provide with different types of medico-legal services depending on your needs.A full medical report (causation/negligence) can be provided within 4 weeks of instruction and receipt of medical notes (and earlier if necessary).

Please contact me on 07483314022for further details, costs and turnover time.

Full Service:

Includes sorting and paginating, standard chronology and full medical report

Partial Service:

There is the option of 'mix and match' in order to give you maximum flexibility and control over your medico-legal case.

1. Full Medical report (causation and/or negligence)

2. Sorting and Paginating

The medical records will be presented:

  • In A4 lever arch files
  • With an index
  • Containing single sided copies
  • Divided into specialities
  • In chronological order
  • With markers to highlight significant events.

3. Standard Chronology

A chronology will provide:

  • A concise and detailed view of events
  • Explanation of abbreviations and medical terminology
  • Records will be cross-referenced with multidisciplinary documentation, laboratory notes and observation charts

4. File Reports

A file report will provide details of:

  • Missing records
  • Notable entries relating to the clients case
  • Discrepancies in the records
  • Information and explanations of medications (including type of drug prescribed, its use, common interactions, side effects and typical dosages)
  • It can include research to provide background information on disease, symptoms and standard treatments