Consultant Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist  


Fetal Cardiology is the study of the unborn baby's heart. The current governmental guidelines suggest that any pregnant woman should undergo a 18-20 weeks gestation anomaly scan in order to ensure that the unborn baby does not have any major abnormalities including any abnormalites of the heart.

I am able to provide you with an ultrasound scan of your baby's heart and establish the presence or absence of any major congenital heart disease.

Should you wish to discuss the need of an antenatal cardiac scan please contact me by email: or by mobile: +44-7483 314022

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Current indications for a fetal echocardiogram are as follows:

1.Congenital heart abnormality in the immediate family, e.g. mother, father or sibling

2. Maternal health problems such as diabetes mellitus or drug treatment associated with the condition e.g.epilepsy and anti-epiletpics

3. Abnormal 20 weeks anomaly scan (You should be seen for a fetal echocardiogram within 72 hours of the any abnormal cardiac finding)

4. Twin pregnancy

5 Increase nuchal translucency